Science, not magic. 

The Juana way is a clinically proven natural way to balance yourself and feel healthy.

Powered by CBD.

CBD interacts with a biological pathway in your skin that regulates stress, inflammation, and anxiety.

In vitro studies

One of the medical conditions Juana products are effectively addressing is atopic skin dermatitis.

We have completed in vitro studies on the evaluation of the effects of Juana Velvety Body Butter on eczema skin condition. The study was conducted by the independent research laboratory based in France, specializing in cellular and molecular pharmacology.

The anti-atopic effects of compounds were assessed on the gene expression profile in a reconstructed human epidermis (RHE) model stimulated with inflammatory cytokine mix IL-4 + IL-13 + IL-22 + TNF-α, inducing a phenotype which is more representative of the chronic phase of atopic dermatitis. Extracted mRNA was analyzed using a PCR array (‘‘mQPA-NHEK-AD(2)-16”) designed for the analysis of 16 target genes (including 2 housekeeping genes) selected for their importance in innate immunity, inflammation and the barrier function.

Under the experimental conditions of the assay, compound Body Butter, has proven a strong effect on addressing the markers that are triggering eczema. It is effective in treating eczema skin condition, through scientifically proven effects on reducing inflammation (by decreasing IL8 by around 70%, and CCL27 by around 85%), inducing a soothing effect (by decreasing S100A7 and DEFB4A by around 95%, and CAMP by around 60%) and in promoting a hydrating/emollient effect (by decreasing KRT10 by around 95%, FLG by around 80% and LOR by around 55%).

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Clinical tests

Juana Skin products went through a clinical study conducted by a independent third-party institute in Germany that is specialized in clinical trials in dermatology and women's health. Juana products’ effectiveness was tested in a split-face blind study (de-branded) with 20 female subjects, from 21 to 59 years old.

After 2 weeks of daily application of Brightening Day Cream and Ultra-rich Night Cream, the subjects have reported the following results:

  • 95% — agree that skin feels hydrated & nourished
  • 90% — agree that skin feels more balanced
  • 75% — agree that skin appears calm, with inflammation / redness reduced
  • 70% — agree that complexion looks brighter, fresher, and well-rested
  • 70% — agree that skin looks clear, and free from blemishes and imperfections
  • 2 out of 3 — agree that after using the product they feel confident to go out without make up

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